possible dwight howard to spurs....

Center Dwight Howard will be a free agent this summer and according to Steve Kyler of Hoops World, the San Antonio Spurs (among other teams) are listed as a possible landing spot for him next season.

Sources also say that the field for Howard's free agency has widened considerably... Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, San Antonio, LA and Brooklyn
— Steve Kyler (@stevekylerNBA) June 13, 2013”The much maligned big man had a disappointing first season season with the Lakers. From injuries to a sub-par performance in the first round of the playoffs against San Antonio, Howard hasn't been the dominating player he once was with Orlando.

Add the fact he is viewed as a prima donna, and difficult to coach, one has to wonder how fast he might crumble under the direction of a hard-nosed coach like Gregg Popovich.

Also, the Spurs have eight players under contract next season but will be at 41.8 million in the salary cap. If Howard is serious about playing for a championship team like San Antonio, he would likely have to take a cut in pay.

But aside from money, the real question is if Howard can turn the page and set aside his ego for the betterment of the team?

The way he handled himself in Orlando, the constant act of being a clown, reportedly asking his coach at Orlando to be fired, his reputation of not taking the game seriously, all but adds up to a non-Spurs type player. Moreover, there was the report of Popovich chastising Howard at the 2012 NBA All-Star game for not paying attention during a time out.

From constant injuries to a reputation of not being a professional NBA player (called a "clown" by Kevin Garnett), I just can't see this happening. Yes, he is still one of the better big men in the NBA, able to defend and score, and would give the Spurs a presence in the paint, but is that enough to put up with his antics? And what is to say if he does sign with the Spurs, he won't do the same to the Spurs as he did to the Magic when his free agency was on the horizon.

Howard averaged 17 points, 2.4 blocks, 12.4 rebounds, and shot 57% from the field this season with the Lakers.

What do you think Spurs fans? Should the Spurs go after Dwight or simply not bring in a guy with his type of reputation?


if ANYONE can make him a productive team player, Pop can!

I don't care as long as they get him the fuck off the Lakers

I can't imagine that happening.  Maybe there's something I don't know and he really wants to be there, but he just doesn't seem like a spur.  Pop's talent is in getting the most out of mediocre players, not babysitting a potentially great player.  Dwight need phil to come back.

Idk what the Bulls cap situation is but to me that would be the best fit for him. Noah can be moved to PF.

Dwight Howard is to the OG what Jon Jones is to the UG.

He'd pout like a pussy w/ Pop in his face. dude is rich as hell and dont give a shit. Dont think he'll ever play up to his potential and justly doesnt deserve a ring.

He'll play for whoever pays him the most. Probably stays with LA... Phone Post 3.0

Who comes up with this stuff?

Everything I know about the Spurs says they would have no interest in a player with that kind of attitude Phone Post

Fuck no! Phone Post

No way will he play for the Spurs Kobe leading the league in assists is more likely