Possible Greek translation please, blue help

My cousin found this in a book he bought at a Greek festival. If anyone can translate that'd be great. Thanks.
http://i.imgur.com/oWcrviC.jpg Phone Post 3.0

Handwriting is too sloppy and the lighting doesn't help.

I cnat make it out.

Something of mine, something something my first time something something.

Will try more, but her writing is fucked.

One of the lines is "first time that it came George".. or Georgia? You in georgia?

I can't make the rest of it out, sorry.

Ok. Made out some more.

"(Name I cant read.. or adjective) of mine,
We came but we did not find you. First time that I have come to.. Georgia?" .. rest I'm working on lol.

Do you have any context? Expecting it to say something? May help me make the words out.

Ok. Not George or georgia.

Fresno is the place.

I have two of the last three words of the final sentence figured out. The one word I can't read can change the entire sentence tho.

" .... We will come again"

I think it says we will never come again.. or when we will come again. Meaning catch you next time.

Either way. It is a note from one woman to another explaining that they didn't find her and that it was the first time they have been to fresno.

Thanks ignorant! VU! Phone Post 3.0

No worries.

Is this any better? Phone Post 3.0



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Something about "ass play"

My cousin found this inside a book that he bought at a Greek festival, in Fresno. Phone Post 3.0

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"Lo there do I see my father..."

Can't make out the rest. Phone Post 3.0

Is that elvish? Phone Post 3.0

My Helen,

We came and didn't find you, the first time I came to Fresno. We will come again.

With love,

Eirini (name),
We stopped by but we didn't find you.
First time we came to Fresno.
We will come again.

Awesome guys! Thanks a lot I'll vote everyone up in the next few days! Phone Post 3.0