Possible Lawsuit

I am curious. I am 26 years old now. Is it possible to file a lawsuit against a parent for mental and emotional abuse that you were subjected to as a child? I know this sounds ridiculous, but please hear me out. After my parents divorce, I went through alot of harsh treatment at the hands of my mother. I don't mean to bitch and moan about it, but I am curious. I had police reports filed against me during my childhood by my mother, and when investigated, they were all found to be false accusations. I have suffered embarassment and humiliation and I feel that it has affected me as an adult. Is there a possibility for a lawsuit here?

I've heard of thigs like this, but I have no idea on what the statute of limitations might be on such a claim where you live.

thanks for the input. Can you maybe point me in the right direction as to where I might look into it? Is there some type of book or something I can read up on the laws in or something?

You might try the county bar association in the county you live in. Explain it to them, and they may be able to refer you to somebody.

it may be best to not talk to her anymore nor attend her birthday and christmas parties.


Probably not going anywhere with this one.

Quit being a sissy and move on.
You will have a hard time proving that you were abused by your mom 10-20 yrs ago.

Save your money and hire a hitman instead.

No legal advice, but just two cents worth of advice.

You don't want justice. You want revenge.

Anger will eat you up. Taking your mother to court isn't going to give you your childhood back.

I dunno. I guess I would be satisfied with the knowledge that miserable people end up dying miserably and lived miserable lives. Their punishment is the lives they lived.

You're 26, and you've got a whole lifetime to make your life better and live it in happiness. Getting involved in a lawsuit, is going to be expensive, time consuming, and just delay you being able to put the negative shit from your younger years behind you.

Time and money wasted on a lawsuit against your mother would be better spent doing things that will make your life better.

I've learned more from my own mistakes and the mistakes of others than I ever learned when I did something correctly. Hopefully, when the time comes when you want to raise your own family, your experiences will solidify your determination to be a good father and husband. Turn a negative into a positive.

Living well and being content is the best revenge.

Good luck to you.

my dad and his mom didn't talk for over 30 years.

when she died, he was the only one that the morgue could contact to claim her.

he let her sit on a slab for 1.5 months, and did not pay for her to be housed or cremated.