Possible NERVE Damage From Getting Bloodwork?

the plebotomist (sp?) was working the needle into my arm and must have hit a nerve bc i felt a shock sensation like a funnybone feeling from my forearm to my thumb

for the first 3 days i didnt notice anything, but yesterday i can feel a pins and needles sensation when i extend my arm inc ertain ways

nothing painful, but the sensation is there?

is this something i should be concerned about?  will it heal on its own?  should i notify the center and let them know what happened?

are you sure it's related?

you never had the pain before?

are your pinky and ring finger numb?

Most nerve damage like that heals over time, but I'm just speaking from my own experience with similar nerve "damage".

My mother in law has permanent nerve damage from getting her blood taken.

Did they try to draw from the vein near your wrist?




Sounds like she did knick a nerve... Can be fine in days or months

I was warned about this during my phlebotomy training. It is easy to mess someones arm up if you arent careful. Phone Post 3.0

Definitely aids. She used a dirty needle man. Phone Post 3.0

she was feeling around ofr a vein in my left arm and stuck me where they normally do

on the forearm by my "elbow pit"


the first sticking is what def hit the nerve as i felt that jolt ,the 2nd time she got the vein properly i guess


i only feel the sensation from my forearm throught my thumb, no other fingers

and ive never had this specific sensation before



I'll try to find the picture I have of my arm after they popped the vein when I gave blood. My entire forearm was a yellow and purple bruise. Phone Post 3.0

exact same thing happened to me, lasted a week and then was fine

jped - exact same thing happened to me, lasted a week and then was fine

yeah my instincts/body tell me that this thing will eventually go away

i never got the "oh shit i should go to the hospital " feeling

wa sjust wondering if i should mention anything to my doctor (where i got the blood drawn) in case


doc will just tell you to ice and rest

as long as there is no infection