Possible Nor. Cal. Moreira seminar

I was thinking about hosting a seminar around the San Jose, CA area with Joe Moreira in mid-May; possibly the 15th and 16th. This seminar would be unlike any seminar that anyone, including myself, have ever been to. I find that Joe does certain things in action that he doesn't even realize that he is doing. I would have the seminar conducted like the way I have my private lessons with Joe. I would place Joe in a position that we chose to work on then tell him to go live. From there, I would figure out all the fine details to what he is doing and everyone would practice the techniques. For those who have seen some of the details I have figured out from Joe in the past, you know that these are the true secrets of BJJ. Basically, this would be a "reverse engineering" type of instruction. Since he does certain things without realizing it, the techniques and details you will learn will be things that you won't be able to find anywhere else. By making Joe go live against me (another black belt), we will see Joe's highest percentage techniques and what he truly does against a skilled opponent.

This will be a 2 days seminar. The first day, I want to cover mounts escapes. For those who have felt Joe's "bench press" pin escapes, he also has a bench press mount escape style. No matter how tight you try to hold Joe from the mount, it seems like he can easily force elbow-knee escape and bench press you off like a little girl.

On the second day, I was thinking about going over pinning and attacking from the side mount.

If you are interested and would be able to make it on that weekend, please e-mail me at mjen@pacbell.net and let me know as soon as possible.


ttt for Jen and Moreira!

I spoke to Joe and the seminar is definitely on.

Those who are interested should contact me as soon as possible. I am considering limiting the number of participants to only about 10 or 11.


i think $150 for two days...

This setup sounds perfect for Joe's style. He shows some incredible moves, but not always the best descriptions.


Joe shows incredible moves, however, there are a ton of things (especially small details) that he does not show because he does not realize that he is doing it. I have figured out how to pick apart his movements and have learned to see and feel things that most people do not notice.

Personally, I find that my "reverse engineering" method of learning is the best way to get information from Brazilian instructors that I have trained with.