Possible Oasis Reunion Tour


We can only hope...

All of my favourite bands over the years have retired, and this is great, great news for me.

When they are on, they absolutely kill it live. Phone Post 3.0

Until 3 gigs in they can't stand each other. Phone Post 3.0

Saw them just before that split it was terrible. I left early and went for a curry. Phone Post 3.0

Shame it won't be with Bonehead and Guigsy just to truly be a reunion.

Archer and Bell are solid but they came after the best albums.

All that said, I'll believe this when tickets are sold and arenas booked.

And I'll be right pissed they don't come to the states. Phone Post 3.0

I'd go if they came here but I'd also be afraid to buy tickets and arrange travel only to have it scrapped because they hate each other.

In for a pouty Liam