Possible Penn vs Sherk Rotr

i am not trying to start any rumors or anything but bj is trying to get sherk for the next rumble because pulver wont be available til next year.what can you say bj said he wants to fight the best and he is showing that he does this would be an unreal fight if it was to happen should find out sometime next week or so keep your fingers crossed

That would be sweet for sure. I am a huge Sherk fan, I'd like to see what he could do in there with BJ.

incredible matchup. two absolute studs.

I'm a huge BJ Penn fan, but I don't like how he matches up with Sherk. If he can get top position on the ground, I see it going very similar to the Hughes fight, but if not, then Sherk by GnP.

ROTR has some of the best cards ever. They really need to get on PPV in the states. BJ is The Man!

Sherk will dominate him, bad matchup for BJ.

SWEET - this is a dream match up for me.

This will be where Sherk finally gets the respect he deserves.

I got 50 bucks on Sherk - any takers?

Penn will submit him...

bad machup for Penn.

Sherk by TKO

What on earth is wrong with that hawaian phenom?
I mean, he has a chance to win....but to ASK for the fight????

That's like me waking up one morning and saying "hey, I think today I want to see if I can really drive full force into an oncoming train and live?"

Sherk has a very good understanding of Bjj, on top of that he's never been really submitted (where as Hughes has been submitted or come close to being submitted alot in his career)

On top of that Sherk is a VERY compact fighter and that will make it very very hard for Penn to be able to do much from his back.

Sherk will unload elbows and punches on Penn till the fight is stopped.

Penn is doing what TRUE fans want. The best should fight the best and get paid$$$ This will be incredible and I will anticipate like I do a UFC event. Smart marketing and ROTR is on the RISE!!!

Best of luck to Penn and Sherk TTT

i dont really see Penn winning this one, however i never thought he'd beat Hughes either. thats the joy of the fight game. it can go either way on any given night.

all things being equal though, i'd take Sherk.

Sounds like a great fight! Is ROTR available on PPV?


That is a great match up
I have to go with BJ

MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

This would be a great fight.

Props to BJ for wanting to fight the best.

Sherk has evolved a lot since the Hughes fight and I think he'd be very hard for BJ to submit.

Just make it happen.


If Penn is really looking for this fight then wow!

He really wants to fight the best!

From: dudley

"I got 50 bucks on Sherk - any takers?"

I'll take that bet!

I just hope Sherk doesn't do just enough to win, only to have the hometown boy get the decision. He's gonna need to dominate or finish.

I hope ROTR gets on PPV, otherwise I have to buy another one of their DVDs;). Awsome promotion!