Possible Penn vs Sherk Rotr

Sherk beats Penn, Hughes beats Penn in a rematch.

Bad match up for Sherk... He's still only had one test agains't a top fighter(Hughes), and failed. Now he's going to fight Penn who dominated Hughes. Penn has Wrestlings number and is far too quick standing up and skilled in Jiu Jitsu for sherk.

I got Sherk if it happens.

cashes clay said "bj is trying to get sherk for the next rumble because pulver wont be available til next year."

Glad to see you finally posted the truth. Maybe you should rename that bullshit topic you started to "Pulver isn't available until next year."

Is Pulver tied up in Pro Boxing until next year?

Nice post Groundcontrol.

Does Legends (alex) have any comments for the fans?

Don_Frye fan - e-mail me and we will work out the details,My boy Sherk is gonna piss off alot of Hawaiian's when this fight is over.

drops to knees, and prays Sherk-BJ happens

PROPS to BJ! This fight came about because again Pulver turned the fight down. OK I know what you are going to say he has prior engagements. BULL I heard his fight in November got cancelled so BJ told him lets fight in the ROTR in November! Pulver still denied! Maybe Pulver can shed some light on this news!

where can you buy the ROTR DVD?

TTT for Combat Submission Wrestling....GO SHERK!!!

if he dont take the bet Dudley email me at DarenX007@Aol.Com or if anyone else wants to bet Ill take penn

All I can say is that BJ is a warrior. Looking to fight the toughest and the best. This would be a fight for the history books. I hope it happens.


props to bj....but also major props to Sherk for steppin if this fight happens...he will show everyone why he's the #1 WW IMO....Sherk will win this fight!!

Sherk is hell to submit, and has balance from hell too ... He'd be a very tough nut for BJ to crack, IMO anyway.

I think Sherk would jump at the chance to fight Penn,Sean is the kinda fighter who wants to fight the best out there,but some of the "bigger" promotions have thier heads up thier asses so we dont get to see him consistintly fight the best guys.

I wish this fight was happening in the mid west somewhere,i would love to see this one live,has a date been set??

Winston Wolf:If i dont hear from Don_Frye fan in a couple days or so i will e-mail you.


"PROPS to BJ! This fight came about because again Pulver turned the fight down."

Are you mildly retarded or did you miss the threads posted on this? Did you miss the above where they say 'Pulver is not available'?

Either way, BJ is putting a major thorn in the side of the UFC by putting on the fights people want to see. Fans are getting tired of the UFC's manipulation of the fight world. The best should fight the best and that's all there is to it.

BJ you have gained a fan by this move.

great matchup