Possible School Tourny in Tri-Sta?

What's up guys. I'm looking for anyone in the NJ,NY,PA, and DE area who might be interested in participating in some in school tournaments at my school.

This is just an idea right now so I'm just putting it out there. I currently try to compete in all tournaments I passably can however there is not enough for me it seems as I want to compete even more.

I am thinking about setting up some single weight tournaments where the participants pay a registration fee, but the winner of the tournament will win the total money put in for registration. I am not looking to make any money. Just looking to compete.

The tournaments will be different levels and so on. For example with myself I am looking to compete with anyone of purple belt level or above. I'm at about 143lbs and for that weight I might set up a 155 and below division.

I will try to get in some gi and no-gi tournaments.

I know there are a ton of people in the try state area who are great at jiu jitsu and I'm looking to get some competitions together with them.

Anyway, just an idea. Let me know what anyone things. And what ideas you have. I am looking for more ideas on who to run tournaments like this. Nothing big. All suggestions on how we can work something out like this will be great. What levels, weights, rules, and so on.

If anyone is wondering my name is Jason Scully, I am a purple belt currently affiliated with Kurt Pellegrino have been doing JJ for over 6 1/2 years on top of 5 years of wrestling before JJ. I am also the owner of Jersey Shore BJJ.

We are located in Belmar, NJ

Thanks Jason

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I have a received a lot of interest for this.