Possible to be under stress and not know it?

My co-worker and good friend admitted he was in a slightly stressful situation, he went to his doctor after fatigue and weightloss and they ran every test under the Sun. He also got a second opinion. Both Doctors blame it on stress.

Can you be more stressed than you realize And not even know? Phone Post 3.0


signed, guy going through the same thing as your friend.

Although I knew I was under some stress, I didn't realize how much, or how much it was affecting me until I saw my doctor earlier this week.

Oh, shit yes.

That's how panic attacks occur. We all have a boundary where accumulated stress tips over into panic. It may differ from person to person, but we all have a panic point. Little stressors build up, and one day, BAM! Full on panic attack so bad you'll think you're having a heart attack.

After that, your parasympathetic nervous system will flip you over into fight-or-flight syndrome whenever in a stressful situation, especially the one you were in during your initial panic attack. Could be in an eleveator, in a crowded room, on a freeway.

Do whatever you can to destress your life and don't take things too seriously.

A glass fills with poison, drop by drop.

For sure. Even if it doesn't lead to having a panic attack it can linger for months or even years. You get so used to the way it feels, that it becomes the norm. Phone Post 3.0

Yes. I remember I was starting to get knots on the side of my neck and back of my head with even a little balding in those spots. It was due to stress but I remember being relatively happy in those times, just had a lot to deal with.

Changed careers, bam gone.