Possible Trade = Spree for Jones

Heard this as a possiblity during the pre-game of Houston v NJ. I think Jones is a better fit. I think Spree is slightly better, but his attitude might mess up Miami's chemistry. Barkley pointed out that Garnett took a pay cut so Minn. could get some talent and now you have Spree complaining about not being offered enough money. Lame and selfish to say the least (apparently his family is very hungry)

Eddie Jones? There are a lot of guys in the league named "Jones."

They're about equal as players, and Jones' hair doesn't look nearly as gay. Good trade for Minnesota.

Not gonna happen.

Yes, I meant eddie jones of the heat. Why do you think it will never happen? Regardless, analysts seem to think that miami needs another scorer to win the championship.

Eddie Jones aint half the player he was a few years ago

And Spree isn't half the player he was last season. The only plus for the Heat is they get the last two years of Eddie's contract off the books, but they will still be so far over the cap that it doesn't really help any.


They both fucking suck.

both over rated and Spree defenatly over rates himself and over prices