Possibly Rockets Trade.

As some of you know, my sis and her boy are sports promoters in Houston. Tonight they told me that the Rockets are involved in talks with Orlando for T-Mac.

One possiblity is T-Mac for Francis & Maurice Taylor.

I don't like this trade, but I can see how it would help both teams.

Your thoughts?

don't know? Maybe they just ran into each other at Sizzler.

Horrible trade for Orlando. Houston is my second favorite team after Orlando, and T-Mac would be great with Yao, but I can't see how this would help Orlando. We don't need another PF. Remember, that is what this upcoming draft is going to give us. Now, if they included Cato instead of Taylor, then it would be okay.

"I don't like this trade,"

And you call yourself a Rockets fan? Dude, Yao and TMAC would be every bit as good as Shaq and Kobe and the Rockets would be a very serious title contender immediately.

"compliment Yao"

WTF are you jackasses talking about? Complimenting Yao means having a great jumpshot and being able to run the pick and roll. Do you fuckers realize that TMAC and YAO would be the sickest most unstoppable pick and roll ever? Yao sets a brutal screen, TMAC is money with an open J, TMAC can drive and finish, Yao is money in the paint and can shoot.... That play would be indefensible.

"I don't know if he would be able to let Yao be the man."

Whaddya mean you don't know??? Tmac sucks cack. He's a cock monger, he can't share it, he's gotta have it all to himself. lol

Gdamm you fucking sheeple, TMAC is the fucking man! He's not a ballhog, his teammates suck ass. Cire you should be ashamed of yourself for failing to recognize his greatness.

I agree with Shawns. They would be an unstoppable force, and I can't see how anyone could say that wouldn't be a championship team. You have the second best center partnered up with the best guard, and one of the best defensive minded coaches in the league. It wouldn't be anything short of a dynasty.

We don't know if TMac's a ballhog or not. Since he became a star he hasn't had any reason to share the ball with anyone.

If they got TMac and lost Francis, then got themselves a real point guard, they'd be a good team.

I think TMac wanted to be the man, but now realizes the burdens of being a one man show. He'll jump at a chance to go to Houston and play alongside Yao. After this season, I'm sure his priorities have changed from scoring 40 points a game to winning.

Tmac and Yao could work pretty well.




shawns, I can see the potential based on talent alone, but I am worried that McGrady's attitude could destroy Yao's fragile attitude.

An attitude that allows him to go out and fucking dominate every single night?

"It wouldn't be anything short of a dynasty."


tmac with a real big man is scary


T Mac is a pussy ass bitch who tried to start shit with the much smaller Bobby Jackson only to get dumped on his bitchass lol, fuckin bitchass trick that McGrady is. heh

And Francis does? lol @ your cluelessness

TMAC is a very good defender.

Bobby Jackson is the NBA player I would least like to fight. Err actually Artest scares me. Anyway I wouldn't want to fight either one of those guys.

Yeah, but TMac wanted to. He thought he'd be able to beat up and punk the much smaller player and he got dipped for his efforts. lol, fuck him.

TMAC and YAO would be a dream. Horrible trade idea for ORLANDO. Houston can easily look for a point guard if they get rid of MOBLEY and FRANCIS.