Possibly torn Gracilis(hamstring)?

I'm pretty sure it's the Gracilis that is bothering me according to this iste: http://www.gwc.maricopa.edu/class/bio201/muscle/leg1.htm

First, a little background. Up until a few years ago, I was extremely flexible and could do the side splits on each leg and put my head to me shin, and I could also do the middle splits with my feet flat on the ground and my torso also laying on the ground. Anyway, I couldn't stretch for a year or so due to a back injury so I just laid off of it and when I finally went back to training, I didn't loose much of it. Somewhere around the fall of 2003, I noticed I was having a sharp pain when I would stretch my middle splits so I stopped for awhile since it was pretty irritated. I didn't stretch it at all till maybe February of 2004 and I just stretched it a little and didn't have much pain. It felt very stiff so I didn't push it too hard.

When I was done stretching, probably maxing my middle splits to maybe a 90 degree angle made with my legs, I went to get out of the position and heard a small pop and felt it. I was pretty sure it was torn so once again I laid off of it for a long time every now and then just testing it to see if it was still to painful to stretch.

All during this month when I would stretch, there would be a distinct area of pain when I would stretch. I would go from a no pain position to sharp pain in an instant without feeling my muscle pull at all. It was like it was coming out of nowhere at all, but I continued since it wasn't incredibly painful and I wasn't pushing it very hard. I decided that I wanted to get my splits back at the beginning of the year so I had been easing back into the stretching and it had been going very well until earlier this morning.

The problem started when I was stretching the side splits with my left leg out in front. My height off of the ground wasn't very low, so I definitely wasn't pushing it to far and I had already warmed up and done some warmup stretched before attempting to do the splits. In fact, I wasn't pushing it any further than I was pushing it yesterday, and that was just before the threshold of the sharp pain.

Anyway, I'm curious as to what I need to do to promote the healing of this muscle as fast as possible and get back to being able to stretch like I used to. Since I've been having this strange sharp pain all this year, did it heal wrong in the first place? Should I see a doctor or continue with the rest, ice, compression, elevation and hope for the best. This is really getting on my nerves at this point.

Thanks for any help.

:::Sits back:::