Post a chain restaurant you like

Most chain restaurants food is horrible. BK,McD's,Applebees,Fridays,Olive Garden, Denny's, etc... They food is bad and worth maybe 10% of the sticker price in my opinion but I had some amazing chain restaurant food last night. Want to get your money's worth for $20 bucks at a chain? Do this:

Texas Roadhouse
Sweet rolls with whipped cinnamon butter (5 stars)
Onion Blossom app (5 stars)
Rib n Shrimp combo (3 stars) with redskinned mashed potatoes (5 stars) and chili (5 stars)as side.

No matter how much money you pay anywhere I doubt you can find a better "sweet" style bread and cinnamon butter or a better onion blossom. The mashed potatoes and chili can be beat but not by many places. The ribs and shrimp were not the best in the world but they were awesome for the price.

Buffalo Wild Wings!
Great wings, and free UFC!

Their onion blossom with a side of chipotle mayo dipping sauce is one of the best fried foods I have ever had in my life and it is huge and only 4.99. Might go buy one today.

I actually like Cheescake factory. Theres nothing special about it but I've never been displeased with the food or the wait staff.

Capital Grille

lobster mac n cheese and their stoli dollies are freakin great.

Carrabbas Italian Grill.

Everything there that can be made fresh basically is made fresh.

Soups sauces etc.

All the food there is really good.

Outback Steakhouse Phone Post

Ruth's Chris Phone Post

I also love Buffalo Wild Wings. Great wings. They've got a solid beer selection. And free UFC certainly doesn't suck.

Friendly's. Freaking love it, still.

Five Guys for burger overkill.

Carrabbas Italian Grill

good call

Dennys is "ok" for a cheap breakfast Phone Post

Olive Garden, Chillis, Acme Oyster House Phone Post 3.0

Denny's is some of the worst food I have ever had in my life.

Texas Road House: one of few placed where I dont walk out disappointed.

Macaroni Grill is good

Breakfast places dont count. It hard to fuck up breakfast

burger street in arlington

Ruth's Chris.

Native Foods Phone Post 3.0

Native Foods Phone Post 3.0

BurgerFi Phone Post 3.0