Post a photo of your vehicle odometers

I had an 82 rabbit (4 speed)with Jetta wheels. Best car I’ve ever owned, hands-down. Very much regret trading it towards a Wrangler.

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Sitting atop the high clock list right now.

Mine is slight different. I swapped a 6 cylinder into it :joy:

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It’s a real looker too.



War wagon for sure. Much respect for maintaining the vehicle in working condition near 500k miles

Beautiful VW! Mine was a 2-door and it definitely attracted the ladies. They dug that it was"hippy car"

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Any issues bolting the 6 cyl.engine to transmission ?

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I wanted a two door but compromised on the 4 door because that’s what my wife wanted. Then we got her a cabby… I picked it up as a running 1.5L diesel with minimal rust for $800. Interiors pretty mint too. I had the motor and trans from another car and bought the swap kit from Eurowise so I’ve got roughly $5k into it and it keeps up with a lot of cars that are way out of it’s league. People always wave at me every time I drive it. “My mom had one of those when I was a kid.” “I used to have one in high school.” Etc.

Nope. I used the engine and trans from the same donor car so that was already mated.

Lol, that car is a death machine in the very best way.

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That’ll buff right out.
Manual trans?

Bought at 317k miles. Had to replace motor at about 340k (shop incompetence after oil change, swapped on their dime)


Nah it’s an auto(47re) on its sixth rebuild

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More pics of the brz please

Ding dong dang.

Do you have a bad back?

Yes, yes it is.

I’m looking for the supercharger for it to make it worse, hahaha.

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Lol B00BS

I’m sure it’s flying over my head that you’re joking

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lol back not ideal but at the same time not nearly as bad as other truckers I know. Most even white collar people I know have back trouble past 40.

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Pussy magnet… Imagine the look on your dates face