Post a recent pic of yourself

Omg lolololololol! That was awesome!!!

so where are the nudes? duh!

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No time for nudes!

How ya doin? Hope you and the fam are great! :two_hearts:

i’m doing well… cookinmom has been suffering with her lupus flair ups…bad month for her.

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Aww im sorry to hear that! Thinkin of you guys!

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You look like Andy Cohen only more gay.

I thought your were playing fortnite in a baby chair


That’s pretty funny. Although I’m a short fuck so a baby chair would probably be bigger.

You leave Snakepitz alone, he’s overcame so much to get where he is in life. One time he got told that his dad was a fucking midget and in Martin Scorsese movies, so he believed Joe Pesci was his real father for years. His uncle, Dennis Farina (RIP) knew he was slow and was so proud of his accomplishments.

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Fuckign LGBTQ agenda even on aviation nowadays :wink:

hahaha thats good work

specifically googled/searched for this post from my man, Pretjah
ive been reading his old threads and posts for the past couple of hours

what a great man


R.I.P. my guy. Dude was a good poster ‘round these parts


Me and my brother

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Wait what Pretjah is gone? RIP dude…

Yeah. There’s a thread on it

lol Rest easy Pretjah

I miss that Robin Williams-looking son of a bitch.

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