Post CFC results here.

Couldn't make it. Wife has to work and I have no baby sitter.

C'mon you bastards.....spill it!

Hmm can't remember too much. Mikey Gomez won by RNC in round 1. Mike Whitehead won too.


Middleweight Title Fight
TJ Cook (USA Martial Arts)
Jesse Chilton (Damage Incorporated)

Tj Cook by ref stoppage. TJ rocked the shit out of Jesse who looked out of TJ's league. Jesse looked like a crash test dummy so they could give the belt to TJ. Can you say tomato can!!!!

Double Heavyweight Elimination

Mike Whitehead (Elite Performance)
Mike "Boom Boom" Buckhovich (Team Trauma)

Mike Whitehead won by tap out looked like due to G&P. "Boom Boom" did not look like he did first CFC.

Tommy "Trauma" Sauer (Team Trauma)
Leo Sylvest (Damage Inc.)

Tommy over Leo. I think Tommy landed one punch as Leo was running away from him and the ref jumped in and called it. Another joke of a fight. Leo has a record of 7-19 now 7-20(Tomato Can)

Rafeal Santos(DaLirva BJJ)
Andy McKelvin(Team Crunchilton)

Andy over Rafael decision. Boring ass fight!!!

Jeremy May(Team Trauma)
Ryan Nakamura(Kokopellis Gym)

Jeremy over Ryan, Tap out. Nakamura looked very outclassed.

Johnathan Brookins(Team Trauma)
Matt Dorsen(K.O. Fitness)

Matt over Johnathan. I think tap out. Johnathan is a huge dude but gassed early. Matt weathered the storm of some big punches and took it to him getting the win.

Mark Serhkz(K.O. Fitness)
Nate Lovelace(High Performance)

Mark over Nate, KTFO!!!! Mark really showed up to fight with his new team. Big props to Baby Hulk!!!

Carlos Gonzales(Team Trauma)
Carlos Correa(High Performance M.H.)

Gonzales over Correa. Ref Stoppage punches. Ref let this fight go to long before stepping in. Correa was rocked early on and continued to get his ass handed to him. Poor judgement on the ref's part. Red Roster kicked some ass!!!

Mikey Gomez(Marcio Simas BJJ)
Shaun Gay (Team Obake)

Mikey over Shuan. Tapout RNC. Not much competition, easy win for Gomez.

Matt Arroyo (Gracie Tampa)
Naeem Munir(Team Sirflex)

Matt over Naeem. Tap out RNC. Usual results of a grappler vrs striker after going to the ground. Big props to my teammate on his MMA debut!!!

David Baggett(High Performance)
Kenny Stevens(Team Voodoo)

Dave over Kenny. Tapout looked like either neckcrank or arm triangle from north/south position.

Baggs, I know you will be reading this.... You have really developed into strong fighter over the years and wish you luck in the future.

Jessica Aguilar(American Top Team)
Tamera Arnold (Team Trauma)

Jessica over Tamera. Tapout RNC (I think) Definately one of the better fights of the night. These girls really pushed their limits. I thought Tamera was going to take this one.

GMH210 Thanks


Thanks GMH 210 but...

me (Matt Dorsten) fought Zach Knight of Tema Trauma.

First round was back and forth, mostly on the feet though.

Second round, Zach took me down, back to our feet, I returned the favor and capitalized winning via RNC.

Zach's a good competitor!!!

Congrats to my teammate, Mark Serkez. He fought smart and looked great in front of a his big section 107 cheering section.

Also congrats to Mike Whitehead, can't wait to see him back here in December for the CFC heavyweight title fight against Tom Sauer. Also a thanks to Mike's cornerman Mark Beecher, the wrist wrapping whore, he never did get his pesos!

Congrats, Matt and Mark!

Yeah Matt and Mark, you guys looked awesome. Look out MMA world, because here comes KO Fitness!

jonathon brookins actually fought nakamura. brookins dominated him before catching him in a RNC. His opponent looked as if he didnt even try to get out of the RNC before tapping out

Thanks guys.