**Post cool Youtube Channels here**

Let’s have a thread going to share great Youtube channels.

Feel free to post whatever you have got.

I will start:

  1. ‘The Professor of Rock’.

Fun channel. The guy makes fun, mini documentaries on music of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

The docs last about 15-20 mins, and are well produced. He usually focuses on a band, a song, or a fun topic like - ‘1984 vs 1987, which was the best year for music’.

‘Eddie Van Halen’s battle with David Lee Roth & Co to record Jump in the 80s’

‘How Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads CHANGED Metal Forever!’

’ Tears For Fears: Story of Everybody Wants To Rule The World’

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Rummy’s Corner:

Boxing Channel. This guy is a boxing fan and a likable guy. He makes fun narrative videos telling the stories of great fights, great eras and great fighters, and interesting hypotheticals.

The guy is really humble so he totally ‘gets out of the way’, and is full of praise. He is passionate about the sport in the most positive way. He is also articulate with wit.


’ A chronology of the 1990s heavyweight division’

‘Thought on the Wilder vs Fury rematch’

’ Thomas Hearns - Top 5 Notable Wins’


‘My Analogue Journey’.

Music channel. This channel is very simple. It is for people who appreciate good music. It uses old style vinyl record players, and there is no talking.

The kick with this channel is the music is quite esoteric. Japanese Funk, Panamanian Cumbia, Brazillian, African Jazz, and so on.

The music is fantastic! I love it. And some of the DJ’s are hot girls too. But it’s simple. Each video is just a music set.

’ Cumbia Selection with Coco Maria’.

’ Records from Brazil with Poly-Ritmo’

’ Japanese City Pop and Jazz-Funk Vinyl Set’.


‘The Critical Drinker’

Movie/TV reviewer.

Articulate, intelligent Scot. Hates woke in film, and TV. He makes great little videos. Witty, and usually has good analysis.

‘The Drinker Recommends… Predator’

’ Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1 - Hilariously Awful’

’ The Drinker Recommends… Falling Down’.

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I have been subscribed to Rummy’s corner for a couple years now.

Here are some of my favorite youtube channels-

*^^^^One of my favorites^^^^

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‘THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas’

You all know Teddy Atlas. Well now he has a podcast. He covers both boxing and MMA. He said is starting to love MMA. It is weekly. He reviews past weekend fights. But also has great old stories, including Tyson stories.

’ Teddy Atlas on Deontay Wilder’s New Accusations: Fury’s Gloves, Mark Breland Water Tampering’

’ Teddy Atlas demonstrates Mike Tyson’s Signature Punch, the Devastating Uppercut’.

’ Mike Tyson’s First Fight Ever - Teddy Atlas Tells How "Legend of Mike Tyson Was Born’

’ Teddy Atlas “A Beautiful Firefight, Bravo” on UFC Weili Zhang vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk’

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Dan Carlin. Hardcore History.

This youtube Channel contains episodes from the ‘Addendum feed’, which are not part of the main Hardcore history feed.

‘Nightmare of the USS Indianapolis’.

’ The Vietnam War with Sir Max Hastings’.

‘Dan talks about history, war and philosophy (and where those three subject might converge) with Four-Star General and former U.S. Air Force Chief-of-Staff Merrill McPeak.’

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‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson’.

Probably you know of this channel already. But it has now been rebranded/restyled. It is now less a chilled, weed session, and more a show. Some positives and negatives about that.

’ Dana White, UFC President | Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson’

’ Thomas Hearns, Ray Leonard & Shane Mosley, Boxing Legends’.



That breakdown of Mike Tyson’s favorite punch was AWESOME!

I keep learning new things about proper technique with throwing a hook. My first few boxing classes I realized my elbow was dropping. Instructor showed me a cool drill to fix that.

Then last year my training partner gave me a tip about relying on my hips to generate the power more than my arm. He was a much smaller training partner but he had really good technique and I could tell there was something different about his hooks and when he looked at what he was doing and I was doing he figured out how I could improve(with the hips).

Now I watch that video and I know I was not keeping my elbow as close to my ribs as I could have been. I’m good at keeping my elbows in when throwing uppercuts but I got away from the same logic when it came to hooks. This makes me want to go train now!

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The Operations Room

Animated re-enactments of wartime events/battles.

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Been following these two on their adventures for awhile.

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Space nerds it doesn’t get much better IMO.


Not a youtube channel exactly, but I recommend you take a look at these docs. I tried to find them in all one channel but couldn’t.

Rich Hall tells the story of America - to Brits (BBC). Fantastic funny, but perceptive docs. Very well written by Hall himself.

‘The Dirty South’

‘Continental Drifters’

‘You can go to hell, I am going to Texas’

‘Rich Hall’s Red Menace’

’ Rich Hall’s Presidential Grudge Match’

’ Rich Hall’s Countrier Than You’