Post current or recent roommate issues here.

Ugh, I have some of the worst roommates. They are always bickering and making one another cry. They leave food all over the house, one of them is constantly shitting his pants and they always need rides.

Today one of them told me he had a stinky booty then proceeded to jump off the couch and land on my stomach while I retrieved the tablet he stuck under there.

A long time ago I used to have a roommate who was a sub teacher and a HS coach. 

He coached girls volleyball.

I'd often wake up Sat morning and find 5 to 10 high school girls having a meeting about where their team was going to be playing next week.

I used to tell him that he would end up in trouble for his lack of judgement.

At his core he was a good guy, just poor judgement.

Back in my stupid days, I let friends move in all the time. Seriously, it could be anywhere between 2 and 10 people staying at my house. This story involves 3. A little Mexican drunk soccer player guy, an LA crip and me. I'm sitting on the couch when the soccer player comes flying into the living room. He turns on the speaker phone on the landline. Did I mention he was nearly naked in a towel and just out of the shower?

Apparently he just got out and was listening to the crip talking to a girl. When the speakerphone was activated, here's what we heard....."so, u gonna lemme fuck it all night?"

"NAH, I got bronchitis." Soccer guy starts howling and before I know it, the crip had grabbed my 12 gauge and was attempting to shove it up soccer guys asshole. Soccer guy runs into the front yard to avoid further anal invasion naked. Somewhere in the melee, he lost his towel. So he's running around the front yard with his micro Wang barely flopping. The crip is now not angry and is too laughing. 24 keystone lights later, the soccer guy peed in his closet thinking it was the toilet. The end.

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mjeezy - I live with a guy who wants anal sex often Phone Post 3.0
About how many times a month do you comply? Phone Post 3.0
We do it every few months. He doesn't like the soreness afterwards, and I kinda feel bad. So I take it easy on him Phone Post 3.0
What a fag Phone Post 3.0

Lol. Thx. Part 2 takes place in our game room. Really, just a bedroom with a Lil matress, a vcr and a Nintendo for super tecmo bowl marathons......along with cases of shitty beer being guzzled. The mejican is again hammered and is about to again pee in the closet. Only this time, stubby mike saw him stagger into it. Next thing we hear is, "mikey, stop trying to fuck me!" I was grateful mikey had stopped my coats from getting whizzed on, bUT it made me think how many times had mikey indeed tried to fuck him?


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I'm going a bit loco, Phone Post 3.0

Cock stink Phone Post 3.0

Not that long ago I had roommates that were into an MLM, tried to get me in (that shit ended with swiftness), then tried getting my 20 year old roommate and his friends into it. They were in their 50's. Giant POS'es.

I have a roommate who is a douchebag. He got some fat bitch pregnant from nutting in her after she said she was on the pill or some shit. Now all he does is lay around crying about how she knew he did not want any kids because he is a fuck up and will not be a good dad. He at one point was going to kill himself and then decided he was gong to run a way to another country to get a way from paying child support and what-not. He is such a crybaby, but he is my roommate and I will just sit here and listen to him like a real friend and tell him everything will be ok.

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That's how much it costs to rent a closet in this area


Yeah, I'm in a 2 bed for $550. Small town and supposedly the area isn't so great but I've never seen or heard anything in the 9 months I've been here. Phone Post 3.0

I gotta move. I'm not getting the sleep i need and she has people over picking up meth several times a week. Usually at least twice on the late night after she closes at work. Even when she's actually quiet i can still sense the energy when she's watching a dvd in her room, or having a quiet convo with a tweeker friend out back. It keeps me from being able to get any solid sleep. I'm lucky if i eventually fall back into a half sleep for a little while before the alarm wakes me up. It takes a lot for me to refrain from screaming obsenities when her or a friend shut the front door harder than they should at that hour. Shakes me right into a violent state of awake. Fat fucking dopefiend.

18 yrs of child support.