post-fight care

What should you do for someone immediately after an MMA fight? How do you care for specific things like vomiting, unconcsiousness, difficulty breathing, and the intense stress and high levels of adrenaline? Do you keep them warm or cool them off? Should they sit up or lie on their side? I know you need to watch their eyes for pupil dilation or abnormal eye movement. Also putting ice on the back of their neck cools blood flow to the brain to reduce the chance of brain swelling.

If your fighter exhibits any or all of the symptoms above? I would suggest you lie him flat with his feet up, try to keep him cool and call the medics. ASAP!

Yes, there should be medics on hand to deal with this sort of thing. If there's not you shouldn't be working with that promoter.

Of course, there would be medics on hand. I've never been to a fight where there weren't. But hasn't anyone here ever taken care of a teammate at a fight? There are conditions that are not medical emergencies. I know there is a science to it. Or might I pose a question to veterans of the ring; was there anything that you wanted or needed afterwards? (I don't want to hear a pint of beer and a good looking girl)

I guess if there's nothing really wrong with your fighter, just count your blessings and get him some fresh air and a bottle of water.

Just curious though, how long does it usually take someone to come down from the adrenaline high?

I hear ya. An adrenaline rush is one thing, nothing that some water and a cooldown won't solve. The other conditions you are describing are medical emergencies and need medical attention. These are two completey seperate issues. A concussion can be very serious. It's important to deal with that right away. Difficulty breathing, probably hypervetalation. The safest position is lying prone, feet elevated keep cool and hydrate.

ya, what you're describing sounds more like shock really

oh and if there's a possible concussion I think elevating the feet is not a good idea.

Right you are. For concussion lay down with head and shoulders slightly raised.

It seems a little dangerous to have someone lay down with feet elevated after you know they've just been punched in the head. You may not be able to tell if they have a concussion or not, so it's probably best to keep everyone sitting up after a fight.

The textbook definition of shock is inadequate tissue perfusion, or blood flow through tissues. There are different types of shock, and I'm having trouble finding information about the overexertion/ adrenaline type. Anyone know about this type?