Post-fight interviews with Bigfoot, Werdum & Coker

Forgive me, folks. The lighting was garbage in the back alley where they held the post-fight press activities, and I forgot to turn my camera light on here so don’t hate too much for the green and grainy mess you see above. The audio still works fine!

So, about an hour after Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva did the unthinkable and beat Fedor Emelianenko for the third time in his career, Silva told us how it felt, if this was his plan all along, if he was surprised that Fedor seemed unable to do anything on his back and if Fedor will retire for good. Then he palms my microphone and mocks me. Frikkin’ giants.

 Fabricio Werdum gives us his thoughts on SIlva’s victory, Fedor’s loss, if he should retire for good and what he thinks about possibly having to fight his friend in the next round.

 was going to edit this to remove the part about scott coker, the video isnt embedding since the embed code is more than 300 characters, so  that one will have to wait till its on my site or youtube. enjoy these two in the meantime!