Post fight interviews

Rule number one...if they dont speak english, dont interview them. this goes for fedor, anderson and anyone else. It is painful to watch and no one wants to hear the translator struggle through that. Raise his hand, let him mumble a few things in russian briefly and then let him enjoy the moment.

Rule number two....dont interview the guy who was just ko'd four seconds ago. Interviewing the fighter who lost is ok with decision losses and even sometimes submissions. Somebody from strikeforce with a little bit of tact needed to realize interviewing rogers was a terrible idea. it was embarrassing for himself and for the sport. the man just got the excuses for the press conference.

and get rid of that guy who did the interviewing. he was making me anxious just watching.
you know what...fuck the post fight interviews altogether.
knock him out, get your hand raised, then walk out of the cage knowing you did the job.

everything else can be said in the post fight press conference