post fight press conference link?

 Should be pretty interesting. Any one got a link? Don't see any thing on

 I guess it's airing on

says it will be here

"be sure to turn up your volume during the post-fight interviews..."

yea i dont see it yet


Starting now.

 Its up and running, presser hasn't started and the audio is picking up Iole yakking away about the main event.

 laggy as fuck

It's not working for me

it was laggy as fuck for me and now wont work at all




I hate that dumb buttfuck website app shit


 Its dropping in and out for me

Does Bruce get royalties every time that pop's up on my screen?

slamming -  Working perfectly for me.

Fu Buffering... ck Buffering... Y Buffering... ou Buffering...

 fucking BUFFERING!!!!!!!!!