Post some rad gifs

Im having a hard time finding good ones to put up on my webpage. I appreciate the help.

Sorry all I have are narly gifs....


I guess i can take gnarly.

If you say please I might bump a few GIF threads...

And do you have any you can post?

please can you bump an old thread?

and no im kinda new to the whole gif thing and I find them to be pretty cool(or rad or gnarly). sry.

when i save that gif off his myspace to my photobucket it resizes it soo small you cant see it.

ttt for people that still use the word "rad"

If you need sporty gifs I can hook ya up.

"gnarly" imo

I have some 'hip' and 'groovy' ones. But RAD ones are from the 80's and after my time.

i thought you were talking about the bmx movie rad.

RickyB that "Hell Track" at the end was narly!

I've seen some "dope" gifs and one or two "crazy mad ill" gifs.

broken bad

man I love this forum.......its "solid"

The UG is badical IMHO

i prefer the 'trick' gifs

ttt for any rad, gnarly, dope, tight, sweet, sporty, bodacious, tubeular, or righteous gifs

I only smoke dank GIF's