post to entertain

I'm bored.

ask questions, do something.

I have Comp Org/Arch test tomorrow... ugh.

When will the IT job market turn around?

when pigs fly.

I'm working on a catapult and mechanical wings for the porcine right now

Well, since you're bored...Find the full CCNP upgrade to Router Sim's Network Visualizer 4. I neeeeeed it. :)

Give me ideas for a thesis :)

focusin on AI.

1. I am not that cool.

2. expert system for network access control.

just kidding on #2, that would seriously be a pain in the ass to try and make more than a toy example of one.

When i eat ceral before bed time, tell me why i get the shits bad in the morning

and does this affect the temp of my cpu?


probably the artifical dyes irritating your bowels.

it doesn't

thankx Rob


FreeBSD or Linux?

Redhat or Debian?

sendmail, postfix, qmail, or courier?

Does P=NP?

"FreeBSD or Linux?"

I prefer FreeBSD, but it depends on the job. If you're gonna use VMWare, then it has to be Linux.

Gentoo is pretty sweet as a Linux distro.

"Redhat or Debian?"

no contest, Debian.

"sendmail, postfix, qmail, or courier?"

postfix, unless you are distributing it. It's got a weird ass license in that respect, but qmail with it's mandatory directories is equally annoying.

someone needs to write a decent, secure mailer on the level of postfix or qmail with a simple BSD or GPL'ed license so people don't have to worry about licensing bullshit.

"Does P=NP?"

I take Algorithms next semester, not this one.

Solaris or Linux?

Industry or Academia?

Harvard or Yale?

"Solaris or Linux?"

Linux for me, Solaris if I was running a mission-critical service.

"Industry or Academia?"

don't know enough yet.

"Harvard or Yale?"

Neither, or UC-Berkley.

inet or xinet?

nfs, afs, coda, intermezzo, pvfs, or lustre?

Which Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar or Kristy Swanson?

"inet or xinet?"

you mean Inetd and xinetd?

xinetd for Linux, the different BSD version inetds for BSD, since they are pretty similar.

"nfs, afs, coda, intermezzo, pvfs, or lustre?"

haven't messed with networked file systems yet. Need to. I've heard people pimping afs a lot.

"Which Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar or Kristy Swanson?"

Kristy Swanson. she's 30-something now and still a fox.

kerberos, worth the pain or not?

You run Fidelity's IT department. IBM, HP, Dell, or Sun?

Who is the better tough guy, Arnold or Clint Eastwood?

ttt for other interviewers

"kerberos, worth the pain or not?"

haven't played with it, can't tell you.

"You run Fidelity's IT department. IBM, HP, Dell, or Sun?"

for what? a total package? IBM then.

"Who is the better tough guy, Arnold or Clint Eastwood? "

Clint. Arnold is the original metrosexual.

Have you ever read In Search of Schroedinger's Cat?