Post-UFC 132 press conference (12:30 AM EDT)

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                                Post-UFC 132 press conference (12:30 AM EDT)

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                    <p>The live video stream of tonight's UFC&nbsp;132 post-fight press conference, courtesy of the UFC, will be available here at approximately 12:30 a.m. ET (9:30 p.m. PT).</p>

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until tito.

 getting sick of waiting and that noise

They need to figure out a better noise to make while its waiting to start cause that shit is terrible.

I would rather get kongo'd in the nutsack then listen to that noise for any length of time.

Idsmashit -  getting sick of waiting and that noise

IKNO THAT SA-wish SA-wish SA-wish Phone Post

So not til 1230?

Fuck it.

Why wait 20 more minutes to hear "Yeah bro that was sick."

"Great night of fights. Blah blah. Gate was a billion. Blah blah. Yeah. Sick card. Sick fighters. Doing it for the fans. Get ready for Evans vs Davis" Phone Post

That noise backwards is oh uh yeah the same. Tito is gonna be so giddy and prom queenish i cant wait. SA-wish SA-wish

Pretty sure this thing already started but it's not playing on my screen and I keep hearing that fucked up noise. ZUFFA needs to get their shit together!

slamming - You could........turn the volume down? Radical thinking i know.

You realizes reporters are updating info on what is going on at the post conference...and yet we hear noise with screen saver effects does not help. Radical thinking to show the presser...i know.


not showing it now....booo

Garbage isn't working

@ufc UFC
All the excitement of the event is causing technical difficulties for the post-fight presser. We will hopefully have an archive up ASAP.

Now it's not airing due to technical difficulties.

Ok MMA newz guys.

Write an article on the facts so I can read it tomorrow. Phone Post site sais that live event will not be airing due to technical difficulties. WTFuuuuu

A great card from Prelims to finish and we can't watch the Presser. Major Fail on UFC Phone Post

I want to see Tito's Big Head and Big Smile

what a fuckin joke gettin sick of the ufc's amature tech goofs who work for that company, every other presser doesnt work someone needs to be fired