post your 69 picks here

Cummo- 5 units

Koscheck- 3 units

Swick- 3 units

post your picks before the event takes place and not after lol.

Fujita/Monson is the battle of the brick shithouses. Monson has a huge edge in subs and they are about the same with wrestling and strikes. This could be another slobberknocker where their muscles fill up with blood and they get gassed and lay on each other for most of the match. I would have to give Monson the edge in this one, to be honest. The line looks about right to me.

My picks:






Good call as usual joe

thanks guys.

ate it on Swick. I knew that Okami was a weight cutter, which is somewhat unusual for a japanese competitor. but I didn't think he would horsepower Swick like that. surprising. still a close fight, but a fair dec victory for YO.

nice rear naked by Monson. it's rare to see that at this level, unless the loser is so gassed he can't move any more.

Well I was going to say that Fedor might be good to put in your parlays. But I looked at sherdog and the fights have already taken place.