Post your beer inventory!



about 1/4 a keg of Alesmith Anvil


2 barrel aged Alesmith Speedway Stouts, 1 2001 and 3 2002 Fish Tale Leviathan barleywine's, 3 2003 Fish Tale Posiedon imperial stouts, 1 Unibroue Trois Pistoles, 2 Avery The Czar imp. stouts, 2 Avery The Beast belgian strong ale's (15.7%!!)

Fridge- 5 2004 Sierra Nevada Big Foot barleywines (gonna drink 3 more and cellar the rest, barleywines age very well), 2 Red Seal ales, 1 Bear Republic racer 5 IPA, 1 Bear Republic Red Rocket ale, which I'm going to drink right now.

Oh and I have like 10 Corona's cuz my roomate brought over some lame dude who thought Corona was a good beer, lol. THEN he had the AUDACITY to make fun of good beer. I gave him a taste of Alesmith Old Numbskull and his face turned inside out. He was not invited back.

So what do y'all got?

keg - 5 gallons of Bridget Love Potion Saison
keg - 5 gallons of Sam Smith's Nut Brown clone
keg - 5 gallons of Das Honey Lager
keg - 6.6 gallons of 10 Month old Old Rasputin clone
4 La Chauf
4 SN Bigfoots
Sixer of Brooklyn's Chocolat [Imperial] Stout
and 5 left of Hazed and Infuzed

while it's true that beers have a shelf life just like food, a lot of the bigger beers are and should be aged. Most breweries need to get their product out on the market ASAP, so even the best need to push out their 12% Barleywine after 4 months of aging, some more, some less. But some of the big beers require much more extended aging like a big red wine does.

So the breweries do you a favor and bottle condidition these beers. That means they're carbonated by adding a little bit more yeast and sugar just before bottling. That yeast eats up the sugar but since the bottle is sealed, the co2 is released into the beer and it carbonates. The other benifit is that the beer sits on the small yeast cake and ages a bit more. Byproducts of the yeast working so hard to ferment all that sugar are then eaten up by the yeats when it goes a sort of secondary fermentation. The high hops needed to balance all the sweetness added by all the malt, the strong alcohol taste, and all the malt come together and blend over time. Just leave the beer in your fridge.. if you're truely a dork like me, you'll buy a sixer of a new release and stash it - only to grab one ever once and a while and mark notes on how it has changed.

oh, and the kegged beer is alright to go since it's under c02 pressure. The Saison is coming into its own and 4 months old, the Imperial Stout is being cracked on July 29th (my GF's bday) at over a year old, the lager needed extended lagering after adding that honey, and the Brown ale is good to go.

I also forgot to add ~3.5 gallons of a small Oatmeal stout that were killing off

Reserves are low

3 - Guiness

3 - Bass (for black and Tans)

1 - Murphy's Pub Draught

2 - Pacifico

5 - Hefewiesen (sp?)

1 - Coors Original (nothing like a good old yellow belly)

4 pack of Sonoran Inebriator Stout

2 bottles of Sierra Celebration Ale

1 Young's Winter Warmer

1 Fuller's 1845

1 750 Unibroue Blanche de Chambly

1 750 Duvel

1 750 Affligem Tripel

1 750 Unibroue Trois Pistoles

1 Stone Vertical Epic 03

1 Samuel Smith Imperial Stout

1 Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout

1 Samichlaus 2001 bottling

1 Samuel Adams Triple Bock

ah good choices Scab, I had a fullers 1845 just the other nite, I love that stuff.

bdwttu- The stuff I have cellared will all age well for 3-5 years, some even longer. The Beast will probly age up to 8 years and be fine. Strong, bottle conditioned (beer on lees) beer will continue to get better as time goes on. Rogue Old Crustacean is a good example, the stuff is barely drinkable until a year after it's bottled hehe.

2 Coors Original

1 Schlitz Malt Liquor (blue)



Typically no- low abv and generally not bottle conditioned.

I'd figure something very strong like SN Harvest would age for a while, but not much more than a couple years.

bdwttu, look for books by Michael Jackson. He's one of the most respected authors on beer. His book on the beers of Belgium is incredible.

jonwell, thanks. Next time I'm visiting the family in SD, I'm going to make a point of finding and stocking up on some Alesmith brews for the inventory.

And added to the inventory tonight: a bottle of Stone Double Bastard (1st time I've seen it in Santa Cruz) and 22 of Moylan's Irish Style Red Ale.

Damn, I gotta get to Trader Joes AJ's. You know what I like, Juanito. Gimme like 6 of your suggestions. 2 Beamish alternatives, 2 Newcastle and 2 Harp

Scab- you'll be glad you did. Peter the owner is a very talkative and informative guy as well.

JM- lessee (accessing TJ's general beer stock database)...

beamish- Old Rasputin, Black Hart, Youngs double chocolate, MacTarnahans Blackwatch.

Newcy- beats me... try Fullers London Pride if they have that.

Harp- Spaten premium, red seal (not Harp-esque, but one of the best :)

ooooh very nice :)

what release of the WWS do ya have? I had the 2003 a month or two ago and it friggin rocked. That was the 21% one.

fo sho.

2 and a bit crates of grolsh, 17 cans of boddingtons, a crate and 4 large size stella artois, lots of guiness laying around and 4 demi's of home made mead.


may not wanna lay the beer on it's side too long, can get a metallic taste from the cap :(

6 pack of Heineken

meathook- had a Ruination go south on me pretty quick, but you never know if it had been stored on its side previously.

I just noticed you have three six packs of Storm King... I'm so jealous...

order yourself a Speedway Stout man :) Storm King is great, but this stuff is unbelievable... I have two bourbon aged ones that I haven't touched yet. I'm a bit nervous.

what the crap kind of bible belt internet do you have man? Ever thought about using a web portal or anything like that?