Post your best smoothie/ blending recipe.

I got a 1500 watt Ninja Kitchen System 2 weeks ago. I want a VitaMix but wanted to make sure I'd use it enough before dropping $500. I've seen huge threads on here with recipes, but I'm not subscribed and can't search from app.

Can I lose 30 lbs by going veggie drink- protein shake- protein shake - veggie drink- protein shake and a multi-vitamin? Still be healthy and not tired?

What's your best recipe?

I've been doing spinach, carrots, 1 apple and blueberries and it's not bad and easy to make. Phone Post 3.0

TTT Phone Post 3.0

Blueberries, banana, honey, yogurt, ice

Throw some powder, green tea and chia seeds in there as extras Phone Post 3.0