Post your favorite game

of all time... honorable mentions welcome, and favorites from a certain system welcome.

My favorite (if I had to pick just one) is Alone in the Dark on the PC.

Dragon Warrior III NES followed closely by DOOM PC.

Chrono Trigger is awesome, but it's also for SNES - Don't know too much about your favorite game, huh?

Independence War for the PC, I loved that game. That being said I have probably played the civ series more hours than all other games combined.

Quake 3 Freeze Tag Mod - CTF/TDM


assorted mods like OSP (Orange Smoothy) w/ CPMA maps.

Civ 1,2,3

Elite on my BBC 32k.

Probably Master of Orion.

Still is Halo for Godsakes!

But right now i'm playing hitman contracts and it rocks.

I like the Hitman games and the Metal Gear games.

If I had to pick right now I would say Metal Gear Solid. No game had the same impact.

Final Fantasy 6


I'm in a bind between Mortal Kombat 2, and Mike Tyson's Punchout, Final Fantasy 3 and Chrono Trigger.

They're not the best games by today's standards, but i had the most fun with them.

I no doubt played Civ 2 the most.

But my current favorites are Hitman 2, Manhunt, Xenosaga.

But the undisputed king of games would have to go to
Silent Hill. The story was twisted and yet deep. Multiple endings, Immersive enviroment, actually scary. It came out in 1999, and for the time the graphics were great. The puzzles were challenging but not overwhelming. Good mix of tension with action. A very real sense of dread builds as you go along. Then the dark world within the Silent Hill world is trippy. Harder than most games of its type(Resident Evil 1,2) but still beatable. It has been bested by Eternal Darkness. But SH is still my favorite because it did more with less. And is still better than its two sequels. Its also kind of a dark horse and never recieved the props it deserved.

general chaos

Perfect Dark, Smash Bros, Hitman 2 and Contracts and Metal Gear: Solid.

Warcraft 2

Doom I and II and all of the expansions you could buy for it back in the day....

Phantasy Star 1 for SMS, Skies of Arcadia, Manhunt, Halo, Stupid Invaders

mvp 2004

Sensible Soccer for the Amiga. I broke multiple steel joysticks playing that game...