Post your favorite pistol

.44 Mag Dan Wesson

* have to start making threads *

Glock 21 and then Glock 19

LTT'ed Beretta 92FS. What happened to the forum?

.357 Dan Wesson Pistol Pak

And my 1911

I love the feel of the revolver. The 2.5 or 4 inch barrel give it a good feel. The balance of a revolver is great. Everyone should own at least one.

I like the interchangable barrels, but the other companies make great revolvers.

How much is the Dan Wesson pistol pack ?

Steyr M9

You can get a used pistol Pak for 5 to 6 hundred from

It's all about the Glock 22.

Clark Custom Gold Cup .45

Glock 29

Browning Hi-Power

Springfield Armory FBI/Professional Model 1911

Smith and Wesson 8 shot .357Taurus also makes an 8 shot for about $450.00

I love the barrel ".357 MAG - 8 TIMES"

If you can carry only 10, it makes this worth owning.

But as far as Im concerned, its worth owning for any reason.

Whoa at that 8-shot! That's what I need/want!

favorite pistol has to be the P7M8 ...NOT because of the caliber, but because of the overall package.


i'm not a shooter and own no pistols, but i have always been in love with

That 8 shot revolver is awesome. Do they make that in snub nose?

I think Taurus does, they also make a 7 shot.

Whats nice with it, is that a 1911 takes 7+1, so now you can match the amount of rounds as a semi auto. Also the average shoot out last 3 rounds. So why not carry a .357 Mag

Beretta Brigadier 96, .40 cal rechambered for .357 sig.

Now, I don't know much about the Vertex guns, but if I could get the heavier slide and the changed grip, I'd be a happy man.