Post your favorite pistol

I just visited a local gunshop (CA) and they wanted $570 for the Taurus 4" 8-round .357! Add 8.5% sales tax ... sheesh

Heckler & Koch USP.

Glock 19

1. Colt Series 70 Government Model 45 acp (1911A1)
2. Sig Sauer P226 9mm
3. Browning High Power 9mm

Sorry, couldn't narrow it down to just one. These three are all superb pistols.

1) Glock 30
2) Para-Ordinance 1445ER LDA
3) Glock 26
4) Taurus 85 Titanium .38 Special

if I had to pick an absolute favorite I'd probably go into spasms and end up picking the Glock 30 since it's my main carry gun.

SIG SP2340, SIG P229, or SIG P228.

my kimber custom series 1911.

followed closely by my glock 21.


Ruger .22 LR with 5.5" bull barrel OR Super Redhawk .454 Casull.


Kahr P9

Heckler & Koch USP

Glock 21 for now, but I am interested in the Glock 30 and will try it out soon.

Another vote for Kimber here, preferably pre-series II.

I'd also like to own a Valtro & a Browning Hi-Power

These are the only pics I can post while I'm here at work. They're of my Kimber Gold Combat after Novaks did some fine tuning.

There's a lot of glock on this thread...:)

Only 5 like revolvers???

I'm with T0ki H&K USP in .45ACP...Out of the box perfection

Les Baer-Monolith Commanche Heavyweight!

Honorable mention to STI's 1911 Tactical, since their factory is just down the road. I'ld remove the magwell for concealed carry though.

Did I mention I like long dust covers? LOL.

For me its STI in 10mm and my G20.

Just got my 20 running just right too. Had a well known IPSC GM tell me its the smoothest 10mm he has ever fired. Oddly enough I had to keep my power factor high, around 190,000.

USP 40

Glock 21

Looking into Kimber .45.


TheRage, those are two very excellent choices in my opinion.