Post Your Most Obscure Geek...


I have some old school Avalon Hill RPG's and Powers and Perils and Elric of Melnibone.

Dude, can i come over to play?

FD can you tell me about that DC encyclopedia? Does it cover just about everything(golden, silver and current age)???

Dude, can i come over to play?


I have these Link

Did you order a case of these yet?

tons of conan books....

Whoa I played with all that shit (and I mean all of it)! God it's like going back to age 10 here. I'm especially impressed with the Godzilla (is the lever on the back of his head still intact? My shittly little cousin broke the fire lever off mine when I was like 8 or something).

ALSO the origional Star Wars display base (that had to be ordered with the UPCs from the figures if I remember correctly). Of course I opened, played with, broke, burned, buried, lost and ultimately passed all that shit onto younger cousins and siblings. Should've kept that shit.

And Preacher. Great series. I assume you have the Invisibles as well? Ever delve into Japanese books like Kozure Okami or Sanctuary? Also anything by Frank Miller.

BIC the origional D&D figures were great when I was a kid. Warduke, shit that brings back memories.

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