Post your Tank excuses here...

so they are all in one spot and we dont clog up the message board...  Here's an example:

1) Gary Shaw is corrupt and the fight was a work





Tank took a beating then dove. You could see him think about it for second, then fall facefirst only to catch himself.


He is very impressive. time for an MMA fight now.

He didn't want to hurt Kimbo's fists anymore.


Tank needed a beer.

too old and slow, hands too low

missed his initial takedown attempt


kimbo trained much harder

HKP with the correctness...

Tank was sick.

Kimbo hit Tank on the back of the head and it threw off Tanks equilibrium. Kimbo cheated.

Tank flew in late for the fight.

Somebody from the Bahamas threw sand in Tanks eye.

Maybe Tank should have called a timeout. He didn't get time to recover from that blantant foul. Congrats finally got a prediction right.

LOL MAX, missed his takedown attempt has me cracking up... Like Tank only had ONE shot to do it and would NEVER get one again.  I love it.  LOL

Tank's timeout (chill dog) was not properly recognized by the official.

It is time for Tank to hang up the gloves. Can't wait to see Kimbo fight somebody good, he is a beast.

Tank just didnt bring it or have it .

GB, Im always right when it matters... LOL

Where was Tanks "Chill Dog" when Kimbo cheated not once..but twice?

hotel bar ran out of grey goose

Kimbos beard absorbed what would have been KO punches!

^^^^lol I was waiting for that one...