Posters for sale!!!

Trying to get some extra cash.

UFC 94 Site poster$20

Shamrock-Diaz rare version $20

Fedor-Arlovski full size $20 24x36

Fedor-Sylvia 18x24 $20 (unfolded version)

Shamrock-Le 11x17

All of them are pretty much mint.

Oh yeah also throw in a 18x24 Mickeys UFC poster and a damaged Elite XC poster with Krazy Horse and some other guy on it.


Sell the truck homie!

I wish,no was laid off this week yet again but only for a week and could use some extra cash to get some posters signed.

The truck will never go.

 what's this truck i hear of

My lifted V10 Dodge.I love trucks.

If you don't sell the group I'll offer $40.00 for the two Shamrock Diaz posters.

pmbrent-I'll do that now if you want.I have two left of each of those.Let me know.

WWE-I'll pass for now but thanks for the offer.

just emailed you

thanx PMB

Got it thanks.

I changed the first post thought I had two more but only had one more extra Shamrock-Diaz the one I have is going to pmbrent.But I will throw in a Mars poster also not the Gracie-Taktarov event but another one in Japan,it has Rodrigo Gracie,Shaolin Ribereio and some others on it.Pretty cool poster

I can send pics if anyone wants to see them.

Shamrock-Le 11x17

how much? is this the only size poster they made of this fight?

No they made a full size 24x36.Two versions that I know of in the 24x36 size.

How about $15 shipped.

I guess I'll try to sell all the posters seperate.

Ricksongjj I just got the posters. Thanks Brent

No I still have me if interested