Posters w/ Wanderlei - Collectors?

miguel: you da man! your gonna see a brutal fight come afc... axe murderer style! :)

Yka is a man after my own heart - I am looking forward to drinking myself silly with the Finns after! He will drink win or lose - but he is tough - Good luck, kid!

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DO you have paypal? I can paypal the money right now for one of the posters. Let me know. Thanks

He obviously does not yet know the genius of PayPal...

I just found the genius of paypal. Damn that thing does wonders. lol

Hey Ironlung, is it cool to e mail you? Ive got a question for you.


I have a paypal, but I never use it. It is at an old e-mail, so I will set up another one.

Since I have a show in WISCONSIN next week, I am busy rooting for the SEAHAWKS right now - Packers will kill our ticket sales!

migueli i live in wisconsin and also want the seahawks to win cause i know if they win they will prolly go to the super bowl( bears fan)
email me if i can get a poster id throw in extra $ if you would like

If you buy a ticket to the Freestyle Combat Challenge in Racine (Strsser's show, with me helping : )....

I will bring it with me!


Let me know when you get PayPal back in order Miguel.

I'm sure I could get you something in return if you'd like...

your helping at strasers show? cool i live in racine
i need to get back to his class lol

do you know what time the event starts at

If you got one left still...

Silva is my favorite fighter, please hook me up!!

Yes I help at Strasser's. His team doesnt do enough drinking, so I am there to pick up the slack -

It starts at 7:30 I'll be by the judges table...

Hey Migueli-

Does Justin Wieman train up at Strasser's? I think I saw a card with his name and it said he was training at Strasser's.

Weiman sort of does. they go up a few times a week and Dave definitely likes him, but I think him and Lunde have anther gym they go to as well.

I'll Paypal or money order. Thanks

I really aPPREciate it


Did I say PLEASE!!!