Posting pics?

I know its sad. As a blue namer I probably have never posted a single pic. I have some pics coming of my latest UFC and Pride party with some home theater shots and some pics of my training room and the guys I train with that I would like to post. can someone give me the formula for posting pics? Thanks.

see the little - line next to a frame thing with a mountain inside it?? It says image, click it & put the URL in the source space, click ok, then where you type, you might have to click where it should be, a resize box will show up, then you can stretch it to the desired size.

Hope that helps..... :o)


Keoni, please tell me it is from a website & not on your computer?

Cause there was no picture properties when I clicked on it............

Yes, I tried putting the web addy for the pic and nothing happend. Let me try again.

Guess I will just post them later.


right click the pic you want, go to properties, then "copy" the properties & put them in that source space when you click the image box.

Has to be the picture "properties" you copy.

muddnamers will one day take over the world.

ttt for pics


SCORE! This is my brother insisting that we do a grappling match after UFC. Poor fella, hard to grapple with jeans.

I hope you didn't choke your little bro out.:)"

Nah, he is actually getting a LOT better. Giving me some pretty good fits on the mat. This is my buddy Devon, my bro Erik, and me trying to be tuffguys.

And a pic of my training room. I am adding weights as shown and what you cant see very well is the shelves of pads, gloves, pull up bars etc. Also I have a 13X13 grappling and sparring area. This is in my basement by the way.

Uhhh, no one gives a shit about YOU, show pics of your wife! ;)

i had a peek and the info helped mea also, thanks!!!!

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