Pot calling the Kettle Black

Know what I was just thinking about? When people say that's the pot calling the kettle black, that's kind of racist. I mean, why wouldn't the kettle like being called black anyway even if it's by another black piece of kitchenware? Because that expression is always used in a negative connotation. You never hear somebody say "oh they said I'm a good person and they are also a good person, that's the pot calling the kettle black." Also I'm really high, but this really seems legit. Phone Post 3.0

Pots can't talk. Kettles can't hear.

Your point is moot. Phone Post

Go watch Beauty & The Beast. I think that film had some talking kitchenware. Phone Post

It's a phrase meant to point out hypocracy, but it's a fallacious argument because if the pot had magical powers and called the kettle black it's still true, particularly if it's dirty or made of cast iron.