Potential Fallout w/ Red Sox

from espn, peter gammon's article


now that wouldnt be so hot!


I agree. They are snubbing Nomar from the sounds of it. I like him. He's a stand-up guy that shines in a mad house like Boston. Turning down 15 mill/year in these times though...

Anyway, A-rod and his agent met with the players association about restructuring his deal. This wouldn't have hapenned unless the trade was close to being closed. As much as I'm a Nomar fan, A-Rod is an upgrade to the position. They paid for Manny and Nomar, so I don't see why they can't pay for A-Rod and Nomar with all the new revenues that would be coming in. Even though he blew from September to October last season, he's still a quality player in my opinion that doesn't make excuses; he only tries to find answers.

you'll have to find those quotes for me

besides pedro and manny, there was very lil controversy with the red sox this year

No kiddin. If there was something to cover, I'm pretty sure Boston media would jump on it like stink on shit.

you'll have to get a bit more specific than that...if you are referring to manny's refusal to pinch hitting etc then thats old news and deals with only that player

and lumpy is right, if there was any controversy at all the boston media would have been all over it

i listen to the local sports radio show all the time and they thrive on that kind of stuff