Potential Fight of the Year

Blue Namer...please help


Sweet....thanks, guys.

lol BSF beat me to it

Yves by KO.

I'm not really sure who to pick in this fight. Both fighters are two of my favorites.

it it a prelim??i really hope not!

Im gonna go with Yves, but could go either way and should be a great fight.

I give the edge to Yves.

Nahh, not a prelim if they put it on a poster that says "live on PPV"

If Zuffa does not show Genki a lot of UG folks are gonna be pissed..

gotta go with yves.



I don't know about fight of the year, its going to be hard to beat BJ vs Hughes. should be a good fight though...

wtf? Is that the headlining match?

thomson is injured....let's go hermes!!

Someone give those guys a towel. Must be like a 100 degrees Ferenheit (sp?) in the photo studio.

they better show genki

Guaranteed entertaining fight. I'm jacked for it. I see Yves taking it later in the fight by stoppage, but I'm not sure on that pick by any means.

Just saw Yves and Nick Diaz...Man I forgot how exciting it is to watch Yves fight...he is sooo slick. This fight should be a war and better not end up a prelim.

"I'm more pumped about this fight than Tito/Chuck."

I feel the same way.