Potential Free Agents

TSN's nhl site has a list of all the big players to hit UFA this year.

The avs need to resign Burnaby and Konowalchuck, Nikolishin is going back to Russia, Forsberg has his denver house up for sale which gives a pretty good idea of what he is doing. Salo is going back to Sweden. I would like to see us pick up Drake and Arvedson, maybe rolston or stumple, as far as offense goes.

For defense and goaltending, I would like to see them sign Jamie Storr and Schndler, Nediermyre, are of corse wanted, but Therien would be OK.

Lets keep the fourm alive guys.

If Arvedsson doesn't retire i expect Vancouver to re-sign him.


You'll probably end up with Hedberg as backup.

which would be ok...arvedson is only like 31 though... is he expected to retire?

Storr is a solid goalie, not to expensive, and he has been a backup most of his career, Hedberg wouldn't be a bad choice...though I wouldn't expect him, he was asking for abby to beat his ass this season

I am starting to wish we still had Durry and Vrbata...oh well Sakic, Hejduk, and Tanguay will be enough and Svatos will have a huge season next time around if he can stay healthy

LOL the only thing Abby was beating was a path outta the rink.Shocking that the swiss miss pussed out as the rest of his team fought, while the SWEDE goalie challenged him from center ice.

Lotsa rumours that Arvy might retire due to his chronic injuries.I hope they're just rumours though he was on fire before he got injured, and i think the team really wants him back.

"while the SWEDE goalie challenged him from center ice."

damn. now thats emberrassing.

Arvedson sucks ass...

Barnaby has to stay. I would like to see them sign a Chris Therien, to go along with Osi, Blake, Foote, Boughner, and Skrastins. As for offense, we need a big wing, we have a large center in Gratton, whom I was impressed with, but we need a wing who is big, can bang, and can score. Especially if we lose Peter. Stumple would be alright as far as scoring, we have already had Rolston (if my memory serves me correctly) and he would fit well, but we need a large wing to come in and stand in front of the net and bang rebounds in. Basically a Steve K, but 20-25lbs heavier.


Maybe the avs will draft a power foward that will throw his stick at the other coach and bite people

LOL but seriously I would love to see the avs get O'neil, Drake, Nediermyre, Storr, and Rolston, and considering that with out Peter, Paul, and Teemu, the avs will be about 18 mil lighter, some of that might just happen