Potential Spoilers for House of the Dead GoT Show Season 1

Potential Spoilers below at your own risk:


Edit: I have released the full plot summary for every episode this season. You can find them in the comment section under the mod post.

I have leaks for the entire season of House of the Dragon. In the past, I would have posted the entire episode summaries for you all to see, but I’m not sure how much of the sub actually cares and more than a few have settled into hating it so it seems like a wasted effort/risk. I’ll just give snippets of a few episodes instead and wait for the response.

Sneak peaks:

  • The great council of Harrenhall will feature as the cold open of the season/series
  • Battle of the Stepstones in episode 3
  • Laena’s death in childbirth episode 6
  • Laenor’s death in episode 7
  • Aemond loses his eye and claims Vhagar episode 7
  • Viserys died end of episode 8
  • Battle at Storm’s End in episode 10
  • Final scene of the season: Daemon tells Rhaenyra that Luke is dead

I’ll give my own opinion on this upcoming season based on what I know.

The Good:

You will call me a shill and a liar but the plot is very, very good. It is an extremely close adaption of what we know from Fire & Blood with no significant deviations. If you’ve read it, you already know everything that will happen this season(with one exception that I will tell you at the end).

I love the way meet in the middle with Septon E and Mushroom’s accounts. The series interprets certain Mushroom accounts as exaggerations, certain Septon E accounts as PR, and other moments as misinterpretations.

For instance, Daemon does give the “heir for a day” comment, in a pleasure house no less, but it is not the cruel jest that gets back to Viserys.

The only two changes I noted was the decision to age down Alicent a few years(making her ~15 instead of 18 when she marries Viserys) and the decision to make Vaemond a brother instead of a distant cousin. I don’t think aging Alicent down was a bad choice. She has shades of Sansa, Margaery, and Cersei as she evolves over the course of the season.

As for Vaemond, I assume it was done for expediency in explaining his role as a claimant and in the driftmark succession dispute. In my opinion, it’s inconsequential.

Another thing I love is the characterization. It’s very faithful to Fire & Blood. They aren’t caricatures. The factions have flaws, merits, depth, etc. Criston isn’t an incel, he is a man tortured by the desire to be the perfect knight who becomes more corrupted overtime. They don’t sanitize Daemon like they did Tyrion in later seasons of GOT. He’s a badass who loves his family but he’s arrogant, ruthless, and the kind of creep that would seduce his 14-16 year old niece. Aegon II is a horny bully but he’s also an unprepared kid that doesn’t really want the crown. Alicent is a self-righteous bitch but she’s genuinely terrified of the threat Rhaenyra poses on the lives of her children.

I’m a Black supporter but I could see myself sympathizing with the Green point of view in certain scenes.

The Uncertain/Interesting:

The dialogue and acting could very well be shit. I only know the plot so I can’t really say. The quality of the show will live and die on those two things.

I’m not sure why the show runners made a big deal about less sex/nudity this season. One of the earliest scenes in episode one is Daemon fucking Mysaria in a pleasure house. There might be less sex than season 1/2 of GOT but it seems like it’s not as absent as seasons 7/8.

I think it was a good idea to throw show-only fans off by making it Daemon vs Rhaenyra in the trailers. They will be surprised as the season progresses. However, I’m not sure why they altered scenes to make it seem like Rhaenyra was a second coming of Dany. The plot is far more faithful to her character(warts & all) than that.

There are some pretty big dragon moments in every episode this season except for three of them. They might have appeared in those other episodes to but it didn’t warrant a mention by my source. Vhagar will likely make her first appearance at the end of episode 2.

There are various time jumps every few episodes. I think it will be easy for book fans to follow but I’m not sure how well it will go over with general audiences. For instance, they’ll have keep track of toddler Aegon II, boy Aegon II, and young adult Aegon II. The pacing seems fine.

Daeron does not appear this season. It’s mentioned that he’s offscreen squiring in Oldtown.

The Bad:

A lot of you were probably already guessing this based on comments made in interviews after the premiere. I really, really hate this but the Targaryen dynasty knows about the White Walkers. This knowledge influenced Aegon the conqueror to unite the seven kingdoms. The plot implies this is a tightly held secret between the king and his heir. Viserys tells Rhaenyra at the end of episode one when he decides she will be his heir. Rhaenyra also tells Daemon(who did not know) in episode 10. It is not directly mentioned in any other scene/episode and is basically inconsequential to the plot outside of a moment of doubt on Rhaenyra’s part when she contemplates making peace before news of Luke’s death. My own assumption is that it’s book canon. It’s information that will likely be lost with the death of Rhaenyra and Daemon but later rediscovered by Aegon V and eventually Rhaegar. It’s an explanation for their strange behavior.

I think season 8 has ruined White walker related stuff and it would have been better to leave it out all together. However, their decision to keep it in probably means that they hope to Dunk & Egg as well as Robert’s Rebellion one day and it’s necessary to establish it for those adaptions.

Also, I don’t really like the plot for the first half of episode 8. It’s not a change but they drag out a relatively inconsequential moment in Fire & Blood and the way go about gives me season 5-8 flashbacks. However, the episode seems to end strong with the death of Viserys. I hope it’s better than it sounds on paper.

It looks like the Targaryens knew about the White Walkers all along. LOL what a clusterfuck since for centuries they are supposed to be this impending unstoppable force only to be killed by a teenage chick with minimal assassin training. D&D butchered this show.

Some other redditor said it best:

“As much as everything fits together with that Targaryen twist in place, it’s still rather weird putting so much importance to it especially given how GoT utterly ruined the much-hyped Great War, only for it to be too dark to actually see, lasted only ~30 minutes, and ended by an invisible ninja warrior.”

The white walkers were so disappointing. Never have I seen something so hyped in a show before only for it nearly be a non-issue.

They hyped this great battle and you actually expected most of the remaining characters to die in it and the only ones that actually did was that guy from the Night’s Watch whose name i can’t even remember and Ser Friendzone.