POV Video of Felix Baumgartner's Space Jump


Last October, Felix Baumgartner dazzled the world with his world-record jump from space. Baumgartner leaped from 24 miles up, reaching estimated speeds of 843.6 mph before touching down in New Mexico.

Red Bull just released new point-of-view footage of Baumgartner's incredible jump, alongside multiple camera angles and mission data.

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Holy Fuck that's STILL AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for posting the video.

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Does that say BPM under Biomed?

Check out the wild variations in his heart rate. It's like 180 when he steps off, and around 160 when he's free-falling in his comfort zone, and dips down to around 120 when his chute opens.

I wish they strapped a butt sensor onto him. See how tight his butthole puckered.

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