Power 90 X - P90X

Hey Guys,

I've been seeing this infomercial going strong for a few weeks now, and I LOVE going to the gym for a more traditional workout, but am starting to get busier and busier ever since I went into business for myself.

Not having a lot of time to get to the gym, I'm wondering if anyone on here had any good experience with this program or anything along the same lines..



Ask this question on the strength/conditioning forum.


Might be ok... just don't buy it off TV.

Sometimes Target has some of the Beach Body tapes?



ttt for vid workouts

i used it a couple of years back before they came out with the "x" version -- it worked i didnt get ripped off. the new one they have seems pretty cool

for something sold over infomercials, it looks surprisingly good.

my guess is its pretty much just Crossfit, which you can get for free at crossfit.com