Power Clean help

I wish to learn the Power Clean next. I have read the Starting Strength routine to learn and also researched on the ol interwebs. There seems to be a conflict on style.

Rip advocates NOT using any arms and moving the bar with a jump. Others claim the correct way is to thrust hips out and shrug hard pulling up to move the bar.

Is it just two different styles of lifts or is one just plain wrong?

Any advice welcome. I intend to get a coaching session next month to check my form on my lifts but in the mean time?

Haha. I'm easily confused.

My coach does not advocate the "Jump and Stomp" method (as some do). Take a look at this vid and see if it helps at all. 

NOTE: I feel it is best to use the top down method when learning and teaching the O-lifts Vs the bottom up method. Not sure which way you have been trying to learn.



Thanks Taku. I haven't started yet. Trying to assimilate knowledge first. Off to look at the video.

I can use the first bit of that video. It corresponds with the more traditional Olympic lift that I have been reading about. The power clean seems to come up high but doesn't end with a full front squat more a 1/4 squat. Phone Post 3.0

I learned the Rippetoe method from the man himself. It worked for me and it's the way I've taught it to others. The method is simple and it's makes sense from an explanation stand point. IMLE the jump portion is the most important part to get down. The pull, the shrug and double knee bend happen without trying once the weight gets heavy enough.

Ta Phone Post 3.0

First efforts result in a chin vs bar incident a few times. Next time more weight I feel. And maybe try to take arms out of it more if I am using them. Def going to get a lesson. Phone Post 3.0

The arms don't pull the bar up. The arms help pull yourself under the bar whilst the bar is in flight.

The reality is when the weight gets heavy you gotta rip with everything you got. You can't just casually leave the arms out.

But I guess it's more a principle of force production from you legs and back and not an upright row movement that a lot of new guys tend to do. Phone Post 3.0

If you're doing reps, is it "ok" to drop the bar between reps? Phone Post 3.0

Well it depends what you're doing. If you're doing full from the floor power cleans, then yes.

A lot of people to power cleans from just below the knees, or just above the knees to work on different parts of their pull.

There's dead hang power cleans too which is only the last part of the pull (think bar just inches below waistline). There's muscle cleans where you do a power clean but don't even drop to a partial front squat, the knees stay locked after the pull, to teach ripping the bar up.

Generally I would say dropping a clean after each rep and resetting can make for a long and tiring set. Just my opinion. Phone Post 3.0

spidermanik - If you're doing reps, is it "ok" to drop the bar between reps? Phone Post 3.0

If you have bumper plates. Otherwise you're going to break something.

"The arms don't pull the bar up. The arms help pull yourself under the bar whilst the bar is in flight." <-- This is true. This is also the reason people think the O-lifts are very fast..Part of what is happening in the O-lifts is not that the bar is moving extremely fast as much as the lifter is moving fast to get under the bar. This is more evident the heavier the weight becomes. (not sure if that makes sense).

"The power clean seems to come up high but doesn't end with a full front squat more a 1/4 squat" <-- Yes, this is what determines a "POWER" version vs full O-lift version. The catch position is higher during a Power-Clean and or Power-Snatch as compared to a true, full O-lift execution.


Heavy O lifts sometimes look like the guy can barely deadlift the bar, then he rips it and pulls himself under in an instant and squats it up.

We used to not count a power clean as a power clean rep if we went below parallel. But parallel is absolute lowest to go, and likely means the weight is too heavy or you are too fatigued.

Below 1/4 squat but above 1/2 is probably where you should be aiming.

But overall - get a coach and lift with other Oly lifters. Way too hard otherwise imo. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks guys Phone Post 3.0

Following up on the "jump-stomp" style. I feel it's best for beginners to avoid this as much as possible, You want to stay in contact with the earth as long as you can, otherwise you've got nothing to pusn/pull against. When you lose contact with the ground, you're no longer imparting force into the bar.


I always thought the jump stomp was silly.

People did a jump stomp just to jump stomp, not borne out of any natural part of the movement.

I think the point of jump stomp is to emphasize an explosive pull and a solid footing on the drop to squat.

But jumping and then stomping down somewhat extraneous to the lift always looked dumb to me. Phone Post 3.0