power cleans without barbell?

ug, my condo gym only has dumbells, and a couple machines, any similiar exercise i can do.... i heard powercleans are the best to get your body used to a jerking motion (no jokes please) for things like judo

You can do power cleans with just dumbells. Most say it is easier to learn the motin using just one arm and a dumbell than two and a barbell.

Give them a shot. You could also try dumbell snatches and swings, both are great.

Go with DB ones. They are good. If you learn it *properly* you will be amazed at how faster and more explosive you can be. And how knackered you get after doing only 3 or 4 power cleans.

I get knackered doing 2 C&J's.


Snatches wreck me.

just be careful with the "catch" portion of the lift. you can whack yourself pretty good if you're not ready. Trust me, hitting your delt cap with a 65 lb dumbbell hurts a lot, and it leaves a mark!! Really concentrate hard on these and you'll love them and scare people in the gym. You can add a jump along with the "John Davies" stomp as you land. fun,fun,fun...

You can do jerks and snatches with DB as well.

thanks a lot for the advice guys! i am now really pumped to get going... if only we didn't have to spend so much time on women

ok guys these are the three exercises i have always avoided and i would appreciate it if someone could explain them/the differences between snatches, clean jerks, and power cleans (never tried deadlifts either but that's another story)

snatch: http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/OlympicLifts/Snatch.html

clean and jerk: http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/OlympicLifts/CleanAndJerk.html

power clean: http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/OlympicLifts/Clean.html - This is a vid of a normal clean. A power clean is where you pull the bar up high enough so you dont need to squat under the bar to catch it.

GO LIGHT AT FIRST!! bar speed is key in all of these lifts. Power cleans/snatchs/clean and jerks should never be done slowly. Be careful with these lifts at first and really monitor your form during each rep. You mentioned you have never deadlifted. How would you rate your strength overall? I would probably not recommend starting an explosive lifting program if you don't have a strong foundation with lifting weights (more specifically heavy pulling, rowing and squatting). Explosive lifts put your muscles and connective tissues under a good deal of stress so you really need to prepare your body for these lifts. Deadlifting is a great way to do this (even with dumbbells). Oh, and for future posts replace the word "jerking" with "explosive", sounds better.

thanks for the advice HealthNut, LoudenSwain.....
i can do 200lb bench press, 550lb leg extension, but because of my tall skinny frame i have found myself prone to injury and the cleans/snatchs do seem to stress my body

i will check out the links, and start with something insanely low like a 20 pound dumbell :(

my muscles are relatively strong whne it comes to pulling and squatting but only with machines so my stabilizing muscles are really weak and this could perhaps be a problem

Kelemvor, Happy Holidays to ya, I would invest in a TNT power cable. You can find it on the Life line usa website. I have the tnt cables with the red cables and they are very strong. I got mine to use when I can't get to the weight room or on vacation. I do squats, deadlifts, cleans, jerks, press's etc. I also use mine to strengthen double leg takedowns. It can also be used for sprinting. Check it out!

I like barbell hang cleans but I absolutely friggin love dumbbbell cleans.

The whole explosive movement makes me moist when I do it right with a significant amount of weight.

I haven't done a hang clean in almost a year and I loaded the bar with 155 lbs the other day thinkg it would be a little difficult.

I pulled so hard and so fast that my damned feet almost came off the ground.

mongrel -- i've got access to a real gym (YMCA) where i do weights and some judo but our condo also has this tiny gym i hit because it's so bloody convenient and all it's got is dumbells up to 45 pounds hamstring/quad machine and a universal thingy