Power of Positive Thinking?

Has anyone read this book; it may seem a bit dated and HEAVY base in Christianity, but it makes some excellent points about people's attitudes and the effects of them...

You've read it?

You can easily ignore the overly Christian bits and get the gist of it in a
non-demoninational fasion.

As for being based on bullshit, if you believe that the universe tries to
rearrangeitself so you can get a new bike...well, yeah.

If you distill it down to the basics, you get:

Pick a goal, think about goal, notice when opportunities to get your goal
pop up and act on them. Eventually you'll reach your goal.

Of course, it's not a guaranteed thing, but you know. People make a lot of
money writing goal-setting courses that are basically just that prinicple.

It's just like any other self help book, which means it's totally worthless.

For a good book on self help and why it sucks, read SHAM by Steve Salerno.