Power Ranger disses Kimbo

With three wins and no losses on his amateur record, actor and fighter Jason David Frank, better known for his role on the Power Rangers TV show, is getting ready for yet another challenge. He will see action at the UWC event this coming 22nd of May in Virginia, USA. His opponent will be James Hardy.

“I know I have a target on my back,” says Frank, then firing off a provocation:

“Everyone wants to beat up the green power ranger, but I’m not Kimbo Slice. I’ve been training a long time and I know how to handle myself in the cage,” he said.

 yeah...hes no kimbo slice..hes been ffake fighting small japanese men in overgrown costumes for years

 Pics of the pink power ranger or this thread bores me.

Morphin time!

Go green ranger goooooooo! Green Ranger via DRAGON ZORD!

Damn right he's no Kimbo, he's fighting frauds and fakes.

Damn right he's no Kimbo, he's an amateur douchebag whose biggest claim to fame is being a kids' TV character.

looks like Herschel has an opponent

i love that pink ranger!

ShadoKhan - i love that pink ranger!
Never got into them as a kid but I sure did have a crush on her when I was younger :-)


Name of movie?