Power Substation just blew in my city

17k in the dark.

Heres to surviving the purge!

Damn, where?..you can be vague

I would be surprised if it were accidental


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Your mothers name is " Power Substation" ??



The Bloomington WalMart is also dark. RIP

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bazinga GIF

I am just joshing with you

I hope you and your family are ok.

9 outages stemming from the substation. Up to 22k now.

I’m up at the Mermaid tonight but my friend got the text and he lives in Richfield. Funny coincidence.

Schitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBC

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I’m sure y’all will survive. Where I’m working right now these people have been without power almost a month after Hurricane Ida

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Ida wanna do something about that.