Power Supply Question

Bought a P-3 450 Gateway (I know) pc on e-bay. After a month the guy finally sent it too me. It booted fine. I started formatting the hard drive, came back in the room and the pc was dead. I tried to reboot and it did nothing. I changed power cords, plugged it directly into a known working outlet, purged the capacitor, and still nothing. No power lights or activity of any kind except the NIC light comes on. I unplugged everything and still nothing. I suspect the power supply is shot, but was curious if anyone had any suggestions..

most likely power supply

Dell sux for that reason, low Watt POwer Supplies

fuckin shitty, go buy a new case with at least a 300 Watt Power Supply, a cheap case and decent power supply should only cost 50 bux or cheaper

is there any lights at all coming on

take out power supply open it up ands see if anything burned or smell

but most liely the problem, hope its not a board problem, but if it was u would get some power showing

The only light is the NIC card. I`m hoping its not a board problem also.

is the net plugged into teh modem

id say power suplly dude


what i was saying is that a new case and power supply can be bought sometimes cheaper then just a powersupply

i sell them all the time, besides, all those HP, Dell, and so on cases are shit (heavy, no air flow, no room for mid size to large hands hehe)

and yes anything from ATX style systems can go in new cases easly, i do it all the time, only draw back is that the back panel my need to be cut or modded abit

its all good though, lots of suggestios, ur sure to get it figured out with the above replies

"I had that same thing happen to me about a year ago (including the nic light working) and it was the motherboard, not the power supply."

Kinda what i`m leaning towards. I`m going to yank the memory and the cpu..